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Any room can be excellent for podcasting with a little work. It is important to reduce the echo in a room, and eliminate any ring to the voice. With a little work it can sound like you are recording in a sound booth.

Echo is created when sound bounces off surfaces repeatedly. The two best ways to keep this from happening is (1) Provide a more porous surface to trap the sound instead of reflecting it, and (2) Change the shape of the room to prevent sound waves from bouncing efficiently.

In a professional sound studio, acoustic foam is placed on the walls. Acoustic foam soaks up the sound wave and prevents much of the sound from reflecting off the surface.

Acoustic foam also breaks up the surface of the wall. The foam is not flat but instead has dramatic geometric shapes protruding from the foam which deflect the sound so that it does not continually bounce from one facing wall to another.

When you improve the acoustics of your home recording studio will help with the quality of sound even if your microphones or equipment are not of a professional standard.

If you dont like the look of acoustic foam such as pyrosorb instead of layering it all over your walls, hide it! Use acoustic panels such as Acustiart-3D or install a seamless acoustic ceiling like Acustiart S

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