Call Centre

We are all familiar with call centres – and most of the time when we talk about them it’s from the caller’s point of view.

Noise transfer between call stations, and the build up of noise in general, is even more of a problem for call handlers, who need to maintain their focus over many hours. High background noise levels lead to physical and mental fatigue and therefore reduced efficiency, as well as the potential for operators to suffer from vocal fatigue which may lead to higher than normal absence rates through sickness.

Considering call centres rely on clarity of conversation and minimal disturbance to customers – it’s not exactly ideal.

Take time to sort out the noise environment in your call centre and you will not only have happier operators – but a more congenial person on the other end.

Installing Wood Wool on the ceilings in the space will certainly help absorb the sound of so many voices. However to get a full effect, installing acoustic screens such as Acustiart 3D between the workspaces would also be advisable.

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