Gymnasiums often end up being multi-use spaces. Of course, they are used for competitive sporting events, for team practice, recreation, and for PE classes. But they are also used for school addresses, commencement ceremonies, band and choir concerts, and more. Those with stages are used for musicals, plays, and speaking events.

Gymnasiums are huge echo chambers. A gym’s noise production, transmission, and effects, also known as your gymnasium acoustics, can have a more negative impact than many realize. From the sharp sound of a coach’s whistle to screaming crowds that cheer on the home team, gym acoustics not only create noise levels that make communication difficult, but can also result in noise related hearing loss.

The hard reflective surfaces do not provide any means for the acoustic energy to escape. You end up with a dense reverberant field as secondary and tertiary reflections combine. This seriously deteriorates intelligibility and the poor acoustics limit the room’s ability to be used for other functions, essentially lessening the return on investment.

Begin with Pyrosorb panels on the ceiling. Suspend Baffles below this to give graphical interest. The floor should be covered with a product such as ECOTEX  to reduce foot fall, and finally fix panels of Una 3D Jigsaw around the upper part of the wall.

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