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Your message is important and needs to be heard and felt by congregants. Whether it is the sermon, the worship music or a video presentation, intelligibility and control of the sound are paramount.

Houses of worship are often large, cavernous rooms made from hard surfaces such as concrete, plasterboard, gypsum, tiled floor, expansive windows and wooden beams. Sound bounces from surface to surface creating a long trail of echoes known as reverberation.

This causes sound to arrive at the ears from different angles and at different times, creating a confusing cacophony that makes music and speech difficult to comprehend. With all of the echo, we are no longer able to discern the important message being transmitted from the noise. In recent years, the advent of more powerful PA systems and the influx of concert-style Christian music has introduced a new set of problems.

To achieve the feel of a rock concert, sound pressure levels are increased to the point where the rooms ability to dissipate sound energy is completely lost. Turning up the volume only exacerbates the problem.

In the entrance way create a feature using Anne Kyyro Quinn’s Tulip in a complimentary colour.

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