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Let’s take a step away from a media room for a minute and talk about something that more people have experience with — a kitchen remodel. You may be inclined to think about the appliances and all of the great features, the colour of the cabinets, and the granite countertops. You’re thinking about it as if it were a picture in a magazine. While the aesthetic is certainly important, the fact of the matter is that people tend to spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home. While the design is fun, the function is at least equally important. What looks good and what works well aren’t always the same thing. Of course, finding a balance is ideal, but if you have a beautiful kitchen that nobody wants to cook in or hang out in, what’s the point?

This same concept also works for home media rooms. A room may look like a theatre, but if you can’t comfortably sit down and immerse yourself in music for hours you’re not really getting the experience you’re looking for.

A room that has addressed any acoustical issues enables the music to be far more involving. It draws you in, and you connect to it in an entirely different way. That, my friends, is what a great home media room experience is all about; escaping from the stress of our work lives and immersing yourself in another world for a couple of hours. It’s great therapy!

Achieving this kind of great sound really comes down to two primary things:

  • A well thought out speaker plan for your room.
  • Making sure the acoustic signature of your room enhances the experience instead of totally destroying the sound your great speakers are reproducing.

Begin by eliminating noise entering the room as far as possible by using Dynamic DPCM on the floor and Sound Boards on the walls.
Then address the reverberation within the room by adding acoustic panels such as Phonolook or for a high end look try Laine from the Anne Kyyro Quinn range.

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