Bowling Alley

In recent years, savvy bowling establishment operators are finding success by combining the fun and fellowship of bowling with fine quality food and drink. This entrepreneurial combination is proving to be successful in attracting a new and diverse clientele that can include corporate team building, stag and hen parties, office parties and birthdays. With plenty of entertainment options on hand, attendees tend to stay longer, spend more money and generate greater revenues for the bowling alley.

Often times, these events happen concurrently. At one end of the hall there may be a party going on, in the middle of the hall a café, and at the other end of the hall – a makeup game from a house-league tournament. Comfortably housing these very separate facilities, or “micro-venues”, into one can seem like an overwhelming logistical task, but if you examine the situation, the problem is in fact much easier to manage than one would think. Creating ‘the feel’ of separate rooms or zones requires a physical delineation of sorts and control over noise spilling from one area to the other. The delineation is usually achieved by creating separate seating areas with planters and so on. However why not create the division of the environments using acoustic panels such as the Clasp Screens? With cutouts in the shapes (which resemble stars or snowflakes) the staff can still see through the sections to observe clientele throughout the building, and they have the added advantage of absorbing sound.

Controlling sound can also be done by mounting absorptive acoustic panels on the wall surfaces such as RE:Felt Dots and suspending acoustic panels from the ceiling like Cloudsorba. Installing Barriersorba under the floor will help to absorb footfall noise.

As operators look for new ways to increase revenues, diversifying the appeal and scope of their business is an excellent way to attract and retain customers. Acoustic treatment is a cost-effective and crucial component that should be addressed in the planning stage of venue development along with aesthetics and the general feel of the room.

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