Thanks to the application of advanced technology and acoustic theory, the Woodsorba range of timber acoustic panels has been developed.

These panels are easy to install and visually attractive due to the beauty of wood veneers. The panels decorate as well as provide a solution to reverberant noise levels inside buildings.

Fire Resistance

Woodsorba standard panels meet BS476 Class 3 fire rating. The panels are finished with a lacquer to give it a high quality finish as standard.

If special fire treatment is required, the real wood veneered panels (but not the laminate or the painted finishes) can be treated with proprietary intumescent varnish.

Therefore upgrading the timber panels to Class 1 or Class 0 (for solid panels pertaining to BS476 Part 7 and Part 6).


Nominal panel weight: 10kg/m².


WOODSORBA panels are easy to maintain. The panels can be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners, which are suitable for wood veneers.

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