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QUIETSORBATM ecopaint acoustic panels are high performance Class A sound absorbing panels suitable for wall and ceiling applications. They are pre-finished in a standard white colour with other colours also available.

Used to absorb sound in environments such as schools, offices, leisure centres, community halls, hospitals, music and TV studios, churches and restaurants.

Quietsorba ecopaint acoustic panels have a white speckled painted finish on all faces and edges, giving a crisp visually attractive appearance. The panels can be fitted as individual stand-alone panels as a design feature or butted together to form continuous wall linings. The perimeter edges of the
panels are square edged.
The Quietsorba ecopaint acoustic panels are used in areas where impact resistance is not required. The majority of the applications of these Quietsorba ecopaint panels will be above door head height, out of touching reach. The panels can be fitted vertically or horizontally.
The suspended ceiling panels are demountable, allowing easy access to services.
These panels can be wall mounted or suspended from ceilings.

Standard sizes:
2400 x 1200 x 40mm thick
1200 x 1200 x 40mm thick
600 x 1200 x 40mm thick

Circle panels:
1200 diameter x 40mm thick
800 diameter x 40mm thick

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