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HDLP-X Low Profile Ceiling Hanger

HDLP-X Low Profile Ceiling Hanger


The HDLP-A Hanger (PREVIOUSLY CALLED THE CRCH-X) has been designed as a low profile ceiling hanger and is used where floor to ceiling heights are critical. It uses the same spring element as the 30-X and HDQF-X Hanger, and therefore has the same properties.

The primary channel of the ceiling grid system clips either side of the HDLP-X which saves a lot of space. Most other ceiling hangers sit above the ceiling grid system.

Spring hanger performance
While the HDLP is normally used with a rubber element, this is unsuitable for applications where the noise source is impact (for example from a gym above) or mechanical (for example a fan coil unit).

For these purposes a spring is required. Springs can react quickly enough to absorb impact and can also absorb low frequency noise.

All spring hangers feature a neoprene cup, required to absorb high frequency noise. This extends through the hanger box which ensures that the hanger rod does not contact the hanger box.

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