Bubblesorba designer acoustic panels are used to absorb noise in reverberant spaces such as restaurants, offices, showrooms, studios, homes, etc.

These acoustic panels have unique shapes with unsurpassed choices in shapes and colours, so that they can be visually pleasing and unique. These panels can visually lift up the customers profile and tailor a noise solution for their room.

Our products are durable, They last a long time and are manufactured with materials that enables them to always keep the same shape.

Bubblesorba designer acoustic panels are an artistic decoration as well as being acoustic. The basic shapes lead to millions of combination of patterns and colours. Do you love soft shapes or the strictly graphical? We have them. The products contribute to creating unique and creative spaces so that people can be comfortable both aurally and visually.

Bubblesorba designer acoustic panels can be used over and over again. They can be moved and make new combinations for generations.

Acoustic Performance

The Bubblesorba acoustic panels possess very good sound absorbing ability. These panels contribute to reducing distubing noise and reduce the echo. The panels also absorb 85% of the incident sound – Class A.

The product has the highest possible measured sound absorption coefficient at the middle and high frequencies, i.e. between 500-4000Hz. This is the important speech frequency.

Fire Resistance

Non ignition to BS EN 1021-1:2006


Bubblesorba sound absorbent panels are available in 10 standard colours. (More colours available on request).


We have a range of standard pattern groups for you to choose from. Feel free to compose your own group of patterns and shapes to fit your interior at your workspace or home.

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