BARRIERSORBA™ sheets are used to reduce noise in roofs, floors, ceilings and walls. Its heavy mass makes it an ideal “sound stopping” barrier to noise travelling from one area of a building to another area. Being very thin, nominal thickness of only 2mm, it minimizes any loss of room space. It is simple and easy to fit hence very popular with D.I.Y enthusiasts as well as professionals.

BARRIERSORBA sound reduction sheet is made of high density synthetic thermoplastic polymer mat loaded  with naturally occurring minerals. The product is free of lead, unrefined oils and bitumen. It’s black/dark grey in colour and the product is recyclable which makes it very eco friendly.
Designed to improve the sound reduction performance  of walls, floors, ceilings, enclosure constructions, either as a single sound barrier such as a noise curtain, or part of a composite combined with mass and/or sound absorbing materials.
• Flexible and easily cut
• Easy to handle and install
• Provides a cost effective sound barrier solution
• Excellent low frequency performance
Sheet sizes: 2m x 1.2m,
(other sizes are available on request).
Colour: Black/ Dark Grey
Superficial Weight: 5.0 Kg/m2
*Nominal Thickness: 2.0 mm

BARRIERSORBA sheets are flexible and can be hung as noise barrier sheets between ceiling soffits and suspended ceilings to reduce sound transmission between adjacent areas to eleviate “room to room” sound problems via a common ceiling voids. As BARRIERSORBA sheet is quick and simple to install, it can be used in new build as well as refurbishment.

The BARRIERSORBA sheets are installed using steel angle sections to fix the sheets to the soffit and also the top of the partition head/ suspended ceiling. The vertical sheet joints are overlapped and flat metal sections used to sandwich the overlapping joints together. The flexibility of the sheets allows it to be cut and sealed around any obstructions and services. The BARRIERSORBA sheets are free of mineral fibres and hence can be used safely in ventilated voids. The same acoustic treatment can be applied to floor voids between floor boards and the ceiling.

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