Noisy Office Spaces

It’s easy to see why open plan offices have become so popular. Companies can save a considerable amount of money by fitting their whole workforce into one space and the flow of communication is often better when colleagues aren’t separated by walls. But what happens when someone needs peace and quiet for work which demands intense concentration, or a sensitive conversation that they don’t want everyone in the office to overhear? Privacy is precious and often hard to come by in the modern workplace, but there’s a simple solution to the problem of how to create peace and quiet in an open-plan office: acoustic screens.

The Problem of Office Background Sound

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that there’s a connection between stress and open office noise. According to recent research, more than half of people who work in an office believe they would be more productive in a quieter environment and are concerned that they don’t have enough privacy while they’re working.

Whilst acoustics probably aren’t part of the original design of modern office spaces, once the staff move in, the problems become very apparent. Luckily, it’s never too late to address acoustics, and there are solutions no matter what the design aesthetic, to address it.

The Solution

Acoustic panels fitted to the wall come in so many lovely designs these days, that they can often be a piece of art rather than an ugly brown panel on the wall. Using products like Fotosorba you can have motivational messages, company slogans or logos, or just beautiful scenery to brighten up your day.  These panels will help to absorb sound within the room, reducing the overall volume and discomfort.

If you prefer plain acoustic panels, they don’t have to be boring, take a look at Bubblesorba for a fun wall treatment.

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