DBRED Piano Zero

DBRED Piano Zero


Noise reduction system that involves direct gluing of ceramics on underlay in the dBred range
Can be made in reduced thickness, starting from cement surfaces or pre-existing floors. It is particularly suitable for renovations and for reducing the structural transmission of foot traffic.

USE Edilteco ® single-layer lightweight underlays’:
■ Traditional or self-levelling cement screeds.
■ Self-levelling screeds based on anhydrite.
■ Existing ceramic floors.

■ Tear resistance:> 0.4 N / mm 2 (UNI EN 1348 – UNI EN 12004).
■ Reduction of footfall noise: ΔL w values up to 17 dB (UNI EN ISO 140-7 *).
■ 25% load of crushing: 0.28 N / mm 2 (UNI EN ISO 3386-2).

The intervention is optimal for the insulation of structural elements in reinforced concrete subject to foot traffic, such as stairs and landings, or common passages even if already existing.

■ Lay the perimeter band vertically on the entire perimeter.
■ Spread the glue on the prepared surface.
■ Lay the dBred rubber mat, pre-cut, on the glue.
■ Pass the loading roller on the previously laid mat.
■ Continue to cover the entire surface. Wait for the cement adhesive to be removed, remove the excess adhesive and seal any inaccuracies in the junction with silicone.
■ Lay the new ceramic coating.

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