Cloudsorba acoustic “ceiling hanging panels” are an innovative method of absorbing reverberant noise in rooms without the visual appearance of just another one of those boring suspended ceilings.

The stunning visual effect of acoustic ‘clouds’ on a ceiling space leaves an occupant or visitor with an impression of flair and forward thinking on behalf of the designer of the room or hall.

Fire Resistance

Cloudsorba ‘Fabric’ – Recycled glasswool acoustic board provides very good fire resistant properties. This is fire rated as Class O to BS476: Part 6. Standard fabric facing comply with Class 1 to BS476: Part 7. Class O fabric can be used on request. Cloudsorba ‘Echo II’ comply with Class O to BS476.


Cloudsorba Fabric: 4kg/m²
Cloudsorba Ecopaint: 4kg/m²
Cloudsorba Echo II: 3kg/m²


The Cloudsorba hanging clouds can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Any slight dirt marks may be cleaned with a damp cloth or a proprietary cleaner.

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